Established in 1989, Yi Xin Precision focuses on the development of precision plastic molds, accumulated many years of design and manufacturing experience, and high quality molds received high evaluation from customers. In 1995, the Company expanded customer service. In addition to the design and manufacture of products and molds, the Company also assisted customers in OEM injection molding, assembly, packaging and container shipping, and integrated from top down into a one-stop service.

In order to build customers' confidence in the Company, the manufacturing technology, equipment and product quality have also been improved. Yi Xin Precision has continuously introduced all-electric injection molding machines and also introduced ISO9001 Quality System.

Date of establishment: 1989
Total factory area: 3,800 square meters

Passed ISO 9001:2015 Certification



Serve Customers, Only with Integrity


Continuous Learning, Upgrading Technology

Corporate Sustainability

Innovative Development, Leading the Group


Specialized in the design and production of vertical integration of electronic and automotive parts, cosmetic bottles and thin-walled paint cans.

  • Precision plastic steel mold design and manufacturing.

  • Injection molding, Insert molding

  • In-mold labeling injection molding

  • Painting, assembly, packaging and delivery


  • 1989 

    Established Yi Xin Precision Industry Co., Ltd., specializing in plastic mold design and production

  • 1992 

    Imported CNC machine and CAD/CAM software

  • 1995 

    Established Lulutong Precision Industry Co., Ltd., purchased several plastic injection molding machines, and started OEM injection molding production

  • 2005 

    Moved to a new factory in Jhongli Industrial Park, and purchased several sets of injection molding machines to expand the scale of services

  • 2006 

    Introduced ISO9001:2000 (updated to ISO9001:2015)

  • 2014 

    Purchased 2 sets of Japanese all-electric injection molding machines to meet customers' precision quality requirements

  • 2015 

    Purchased 3 sets of Japanese all-electric injection molding machines

  • 2016 

    Purchased 2 sets of Japanese all-electric injection molding machines

  • 2017 

    Expand the scale of OEM injection business, and purchase 8 sets of all-electric injection machines

  • 2018 

    Improve factory area utilization, adjust the location of the mold factory, and re-arrange the injection molding factory partition at the same time